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Relieve the classic experience of run n gun !

One way through platformer

Storming enemy

Can you carry your way through the end?





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Even the the visuals are quite basic, it gets the job done. Enemy design is also quite spot on, requiring you to think about using the terrain and fighting where you have the advantage. Surprisingly, I had a blast with this game - the many different paths to victory, the exploration and challenge being rewarded with a better gun, I enjoyed this game quite well! Held my attention for roughly 20 minutes.

I did find one "feature" which may be a bug? When dying, you keep your weapon level, and the old weapon upgrade is still there, meaning I can get up to level 3 weapon from the get-go

Thank you for trying our game :D .. we really appreciate it . As the one you mentioned about a "bug", thnk you again for noticed it . We will get as fast as possible to address that bug.