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As of this post published,  we are gladly to announce that our project here have begun. It will be a platformer game with quite of mechanics implemented there. Though right now it is only a scratch, we will make sure to update our progress regularly here. 

The main design and plot for the game itslef is refered to sci-fi fantasy theme and also heavily inspired by the father of the genre itself, Metroid. Player will be able to wipe the enemy forces with bunch of cool mecha they can equip. The mecha also comes in handy with the variety of stage that needs one of mecha ability to proceed with.

We also provided the Game Design Document (GDD) below for further information .

The name "Once a Hero" is based on the main character  background and also the story plot. You can enjoy the story that divided per chapter and stages. Oh ... and yeah as mentioned before, we will let you know our progress through this site like future update, implementation, sprite and even a minor updates regarding the game.

Team : Dawn Compaction 

Team Member : 

Arsen Davidson (Programmer, 2D Artist)2001564375
Ade Syahputra (Audio Artist) 2001598691 
Jeremy Siregar (Game Designer, Level Designer)2001570724 
kelvin (Artist)2001565592 
Philip Hoktato Y. (Background Artist) 2001560963 

thank you and stay excited.


GDD - Once a Hero.docx 353 kB
Oct 01, 2017

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