Pre - Alpha build test

Hello folks !

As we promised last week, now we are bringing the prototype that cover our work for this past week. Nothing much , there is a intro level that will help you understand more about the game. So here is a summary of what are in the protoype right now. 

  • 3 variety of weapon can be obtained through stage
  • 3 Type of enemy movement
  • Enemy have a chance to drop some health
  • continue feature

There may be some aspect to be changed on the next build, well its only prototype after all, and here is our planning features that hopefully can be implemented in the near future. 

  • More variety of weapon
  • additional gameplay (such as a small bonus game)
  • Costume system

Alsooo , we are very open for any sugestion or critics regarding the game. 


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Oct 23, 2017

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