Introducing Dread Arc

As you can see right now on our main page of and of course in the prototype, you must be wondering of who and what is the character you are playing with. Here we are proudly introducing you with the one and only Once a Hero main character, Dread Arc.

Dread Arc costume and naked.

The story is that Dread Arc is a simple thug who can generate electricity. His ultimate dream is becoming a well-known supervillain, where people would fear him and respect him while having superheroes attempting to stop him.

However, Dread Arc is actually HORRIBLE of being a supervillain. Not only his antics are downright stupid, he doesn't use his powers correctly or even attempt to improve it. (Unlike other electric-themed characters, Dread Arc can't fire electricity, just generating through his body like an electric eel).

That and he kept losing to the same superhero for 10 straight years.

So much so that everyone in the world doesn't take him seriously as a harmless villains and the every supervillain in the world are embarassed having associate with him and refuse to work with him. After 10 years, Dread Arc is slowly becoming depressed of his losing streak when he's being aided by a mysterious woman known as The Inventor, who claims to be a villainess. The Inventor wants to help Dread Arc to become a proper supervillain by guiding him and supporting him with various weapons that can be powered by his electrical surges.

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